Pigmentation Treatment in Thane

Pigmentation is one of the most common yet intolerable skin irregularities which are used to describe the dark patches on skin. There are many reason of pigmentation such as excessive sun exposure, unhealthy diet, and hormonal fluctuation which results in excess melamine production in the skin. This disorder can affect a specific part of skin, typically face, or the entire which results in darker skin complexion and dull skin. There are many types of pigmentation such as which are generally harmless but can be a symptoms of another disease, thus, making it mandatory to seek a specialist's advice if the symptoms last for longer time. Discussing about the specialists? Here we are!

We are Dermatrix, a team of highly qualified and experienced dermatologist and consultants who provide the best and most efficacious Pigmentation Treatment in Thane at genuine price. We provide topical as well as cosmetic treatment of pigmentation depending upon the skin type and severity of the disorder. Our world class treatment includes skin care creams, lotions, laser therapy, intense pulsed light, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion to successfully cure and eliminate embarrassing pigments. Our professionals are committed to provide you the most safe and precise hyper pigmentation treatment with permanent effects that results in even toned, fair complexion and ever glowing radiant skin. We also recommend you various home remedies by which you can keep your skin healthy and away from diseases.

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